James Cameron and Avatar give skiers grand ideas

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2009 10:50 am

The hype behind James Cameron’s new epic, “Avatar” has been pretty epic in of itself. The film cost hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to make, thus, the idea of earning a profit is daunting to say the least. The famed director of such greats as “Aliens”, “The Terminator” and of course “Titanic” doesn’t seem too worried though. It’s been said he has somewhat of a God complex, and he doesn’t really disagree. “Every director has a God complex…Every director is creating a world even if it’s a story that takes place in an apartment.”

Well, this story hardly takes place in an apartment. “Avatar” takes place in a fantasy world called Pandora, inhabited by beautiful bluish aliens called the Navi. An avatar is a creature with both human and Navi DNA whose consciousness is controlled by a human in a remote location. The main character, who is paraplegic, is able to control his avatar from the spaceship (his avatar is not paraplegic, that’s the idea).

This idea has caused many wheels to turn in the heads of skiers and snowboarders. What if…in the distant future…you could have your own skiing avatar? What if you could ski all year round no matter where you lived? Paraplegics have great, innovative ways to ski nowadays, but what if they wanted to experience what it would be like to ski with the full utility of their legs again?

Imagine living in Breckenridge. It’s July. You’re having a massive ski craving. It hurts…you absolutely need to get out there before you hurt someone. Step into your “pod” or “incubator”…whatever…and control your avatar who lives down in New Zealand. Suddenly, while you’re physically stuck in your place in Breck, your mind is skiing the slopes in New Zealand. Wild!

OK. Clearly this idea must be developed. Someone much smarter than anyone working at The Ski Channel must start brainstorming. Anyone?

To get your gears turning, check out the trailer for “Avatar”, in theaters this Friday.