Mom and son grow medical marijuana together, do Taos proud

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2009 5:21 am

Check out this video news clip describing mom Diane Irwin and her son Jason’s new business. They haven’t opened a bakery, a car wash, or some sort of arts and crafts service…they have a marijuana farm that they cultivate together. It’s legal, and apparently they’re doing quite well with it.

It isn’t expressly stated, but it seems they’re located in New Mexico. Diane mentions Lakewood, a town in New Mexico…but what really gave it away was Jason’s shirt—THC (Taos House of Coffee)—is the shirt intentionally ironic? They sure are doing Taos Ski Valley proud with their farm! Based on our reports, ski towns aren’t exactly shy about their feelings on marijuana.

So, if you’re skiing in Taos, now you know who to get your LEGAL marijuana from.

Please note that The Ski Channel in no way condones any sort of illegal activity. We just report the facts people. Enjoy the video!

Just in: recent reports indicate Diane and Jason run their farm out of Denver, Colorado.