U.S. Lady Ski Jumpers in top ten in Norway Continental Cup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2009 9:54 am

Visa U.S. Women’s Ski Jumping Team athletes Sarah Hendrickson and Alissa Johnson flew far on the  K-105 hill in Vikersund, Norway, this weekend placing 4th and 9th respectively.

Young Hendrickson has been on a roll. The athlete had “consistent, stable and solid jumps,” said coach Kjell Magnussen. “She’s in a really good mood and everything is going well and easy for her.” 

The 15-year-old has continued her strong summer momentum on the Continental Cup (COC) when she notched four top-six finishes.  ”Mainly, I’m focusing on having a good jump and thinking about what Kjell is telling me and not just thinking about the outcome,” Hendrickson said. “Last year (winter) I put so much pressure on myself and now I’m just letting go and thinking only about having a good, technical jump.”

Johnson also improved her jumps on the bigger hill in Norway, placing 9th and 11th. The 22-year-old was “really pumped” about her jumps and is excited for the next COC in Notodden, Norway, where she’ll try to best her 4th-place finish on that same hill last season. American Abby Hughes had solid jumps as well, placing 15th and 17th, and veteran Jessica Jerome finished 21st both days.