Case of missing woman in Utah may get ugly

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 16, 2009 1:07 pm

On December 7th, 28-year-old wife and mother Susan Powell was reported missing after she did not report to work nor drop her kids off at day care near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Authorities are now saying there may be some “foul play” involved with this disappearance. Husband Josh Powell is not being cooperative, according to West Valley City Asst. Police Chief Craig Black. Black says Josh Powell is failing to provide any details that may help the case. While not a suspect, Powell is considered a person of “strong interest”.

The day Susan was reported missing, Josh said he went camping with their two children, boys aged 2 and 4. However, Josh will not reveal any details about the camping trip, and authorities cannot locate the campsite due to the snow cover. What this means is that the entire camping trip may have been fabricated…there’s no way to tell yet.

People who know Susan Powell find it very uncharacteristic of her to simply get up and leave without notifying anyone. More details as they come.