Families of missing Mount Hood climbers accept inevitable outcome

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 16, 2009 1:52 pm

In a live press conference in Clackamas, Oregon today, the father of missing Mount Hood mountain climber Anthony Vietti spoke on behalf of his family and the family of Katie Nolan, the other missing climber.

He stated that he has come to grips with the fact this his son is most likely dead, however he said he finds peace with the knowledge that his son and Katie are now with God. The Viettis have found much strength in their religion over the last week.

Mr. Vietti described Anthony as a man who wanted to make a difference in life. He was on the pre-med track in school, hoping to one day be a medical missionary. According to him, Anthony had a “strong and close personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and because of that he felt his life had a higher purpose.”

When it comes to mountain climbing/ice climbing, Mr. Vietti takes credit for introducing it all to Anthony, however he stated that “Anthony exceeded [his] abilities and expectations.”

Our thoughts go out to the families of both Anthony Vietti and Katie Nolan.