VIDEO: Mayon volcano in the Philippines before eruption eve

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 16, 2009 4:56 pm


It is revered by nature lovers worldwide for its perfect cone shape.  If vulcanologists fears come true, the cone will be truncated.  A major eruption of the Mount Mayon volcano is expected at any moment.

The Philippines have 22 active volcanoes, and Mayon is its most active.  Wednesday, the Mayon volcano shot ash 1700 feet into the air, as mud and lava poured down its slopes.  Officials upped Mayon’s alert level to 3, with a “hazardous explosions likely.”

More than 20,000 residents have been evacuated from a volcano with a long history.  The worst of its 50 eruptions over the past four centuries was in 1841.  Mayon’s destructive path that year buried one town, killing 1,200 people.

Part of the “Ring of Fire,” the Phillipines sit on a belt of volcanoes circling the Pacific Ocean.

In April 2008, Brian Lopes and Hans Rey, two superstars of mountain biking, attempted a first descent off Mount Mayon.  You’ll have to check the fascinating journey on The Ski Channel, but check out an inside look at the Mayon volcano, the perfect cone about to be obliterated.

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