Crested Butte may now appeal controversial Snodgrass Mountain rejection

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 17, 2009 2:11 pm

Forest Supervisor Charlie Richmond has changed his mind. No, Crested Butte still cannot expand their lifts onto Snodgrass Mountain…however, now they have the option to appeal the decision. This was not something Richmond previously had allowed.

The resort plans to appeal tomorrow, Friday 12/18.

Apparently, the resort was drafting an appeal anyway, and when Richmond got word of this, he and his boss, Regional Forester Rick Cables, decided to accept what was coming. Here’s Richmond: “While I firmly believe in the rationale used to make the public interest determination I would also welcome a review. I have asked the Regional Forester to provide an opportunity for you to appeal my public interest determination under 36 CFR 251.86 (b). He has agreed to my request.”

Compare this to Richmond’s statement last month: “It is my finding that it is not in the public interest to continue to consider development on Snodgrass Mountain any further. Rejection of your proposal is not subject to administrative appeal.”

Needless to say, the resort is chomping at the bit to get this decision under review: “We have every right to take it through the administrative avenue. It is prepared. We will file the appeal on Friday and wait for a response from Rick Cables. Then we will go down whatever road is appropriate at that time”, the resort stated.

This has been an issue of some divide over Crested Butte residents and regular visitors. When we wrote about it last month, we got tons of comments—from both sides of the argument. Click here to read.