Iron Man 2 vs. James Bond, better skier means better fighter

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 17, 2009 11:24 am

So the new Iron Man 2 trailer has just been released, and yea, it looks pretty awesome. We’re having a debate in the offices of The Ski Channel right now—if you can fight the bad guys while skiing, does that make you a better fighter? Some of us say yes, some say no. Check out this James Bond clip and tell me he isn’t the baddest of the bad…especially when he gets innovative with his ski pole.


Now, we haven’t seen Iron Man ski…yet…but there are some folks in here who claim he would kick Bonds’ butt even though he hasn’t proved he can fight on the slopes. Yea, he can fly and junk…but can he shoot dudes with a ski pole? Check out the Iron Man 2 trailer below, and give it a think. Who’s truly the baddest of the bad? James Bond or Iron Man?