See which ski and snowboard babes made the 40 Hottest Female Athletes of the Decade list

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 17, 2009 3:05 pm

It’s great to see someone other than us call out the beautiful women of skiing and snowboarding. has just come out with a list of the 40 hottest female athletes of the decade. Quite a daunting task indeed. We’re pleased that both a skier and a snowboarder made the list.

Snowboard beauty Gretchen Bleiler grabbed the number 16 spot, and here’s what they had to say about her: “Snowboarding doesn’t seem like a place you would find a hot athlete. It normally attracts tomboys and women who don’t really care about their looks as much. But we did hit the jackpot with Gretchen Bleiler. This sexy snow bunny is an Olympic silver medalist and a golf medalist in the Olympic bikini competition that I just made up. Congratulations.”

Coming in at a solid number five is freeskiing rockstar Kristi Leskinen. Yes! Here’s what they said: “Leskinen is a freestyle skiier, which is remarkable because she looks like she could just be a Victoria’s Secret model. The fact that she looks this good and is so good at something other than modeling is a miracle. She also won The Superstars, which got her out of those cumbersome winter clothes and more comfortably in a bathing suit most of the time. At least one good thing came out of that show.”

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