Another injured Canadian skier increases the tally even more

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 18, 2009 3:28 pm

As we reported yesterday, this year has seen an unusual amount of injuries on the World Cup circuit. Canada has unfortunately gotten the brunt end of it, and their troubles continued today when Francois Bourque hurt his knee toward the end of his super-G run. Canadian head coach Paul Kristofic said “all signs are pointing to a ruptured ACL”. Dang.

Last season, Borque injured the same knee in Lake Louise, Alberta, and he had to miss most of the season because of it. Add Bourque to the list of injured Canadian racers: John Kucera, Jean-Phillippe Roy, Larisa Yurkiw, and Kelly Vanderbeek. Hopefully these injuries have not deflated their excitement going into their hometown Olympics in February. “We’ve just got to push through it”, said Kristofic. “It is frustrating, but it’s just one of those years.”

Defending overall World Cup champ Askel Lund Svindal is one of the most passionate about finding a way to improve the safety of the ski racing sport. Regarding the conferences he and others have been having with the FIS about it, he said, “There’s a dialogue, and as long as there’s a dialogue then I think we’re making progress. We want to make our sport as cool as possible but we also want to make it as safe as possible. I think those two things can be combined. Take the example of Hermann Maier crashing in Nagano — how he was able to stand up after that terrible crash and how he was able to race and do interviews in the following weeks,” Svindal said, referring to the Austrian’s major crash and awesome comeback at the 1998 Olympics. “That’s the kind of marketing the FIS would have to put in millions and millions of euros to do,” Svindal said. “That’s good for the sport. That’s the gladiator move — he gives it all he has, he tries and he fails but he survives. But we don’t want the image of athletes being carried away by helicopter, either.”