Iraqi oil well nabbed by Iranian forces? Gulmarg and Malam Jabba been there, done that

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 18, 2009 11:12 am

Iranian forces nabbed a southern Iraqi oil well on Friday.  The well is in a disputed region near the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah.  An official of the state-owned South Oil Co was quoted by AFP saying, “An Iranian force arrived at the field early this morning (Friday).  It took control of Well 4 and raised the Iranian flag even though the well lies in Iraqi territory.”

Grabbin’ oil wells?  How about grabbin’ ski areas?  There are a couple of ski areas that have been part of territorial disputes or have suffered the destructive ways of war in recent times.

Gulmarg lies in the disputed territory of Kashmir.  Currently the ski area flies under the flag of India, but if Pakistan had its way…  Why travel half way around the world to ski in a politically unstable region?  Gulmarg is all time, perhaps the best skiing you can do without a helicopter.  Himalayan terrain on the god-like scale.  You can read about all the awesomeness that is Gulmarg, here.

Malam Jabba (pcitured above in better days) was once Pakistan’s only ski area.  But, after an ill-fated peace deal in September of 2006, the resort was captured by the Taliban.  Sharia law has no place for skiing, and both the beautiful base lodge and ski lifts were destroyed.  Unfortunately for ski enthusiasts the pistes of Malam Jabba were the perfect training grounds/hideout for militants.  Malam Jabba has since been recaptured by the Pakistani government, but it’ll be a long time before two planks replace double barrels on its runs.

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