U.S. aerialist Jana Lindsey fourth in China World Cup Freestyle

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 20, 2009 10:31 am

U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athlete Jana Lindsey had her best World Cup finish to date with a fourth place spot at the World Cup freestyle aerials event in Changchun, China. ”Jana jumped really well,” said Head Freestyle Coach Jeff Wintersteen. “She put two jumps together which we were really pleased with. She was fifth at Worlds so she can jump with these girls.”

The U.S. women were looking strong, with three qualifying into the top seven spots, but only Lindsey landed two strong jumps, holding her fourth-place spot with a triple-twisting double flip.

Podium regular Emily Cook was in second place, but missed the landing on her second jump, which dropped her to 12th. “She just got caught up on the double in (two twists on first of two flips) and was late,” said Wintersteen.

Fellow Park City resident Lacy Schnoor also made finals, finishing ninth.

On the men’s side, Jeret “Speedy” Peterson (Boise, ID) was again the lone U.S. qualifier for finals, also finishing ninth.

“We had some good opportunities as a whole but just didn’t execute,” said Wintersteen. “We’re just not being aggressive enough and also need to work on landings.”

China. Mengtau Xu won for the women while Zongyang Jia won the men’s title for continued Chinese aerials domination. 

FIS Freestyle World Cup
Changchun, China – Dec. 20, 2009

1. Zongyang Jia, China, 253.77
2. Guangpu Qi, China, 250.28
3. Anton Kushnir, Belarus, 246.48
4. Steve Omischl, Canada, 238.42
5. Ziaopeng Han, China, 235.95
9. Jeret Peterson, Boise, ID, 210.

14. Dylan Ferguson, Amesbury, MA, 107.97
18. Ryan St. Onge, Lake Placid, NY, 101.99
26. Scotty Bahrke, Tahoe City, CA, 82.08

1. Mengau Xu, China, 207.68
2. Xinxin Guo, China, 179.76
3. Xin Zhang, China, 177.55
4. Jana Lindsey, Black Hawk, SD, 171.93
5. Shuang Cheng, China, 167.07
9. Lacy Schnoor, Draper, UT, 146.24
12. Emily Cook, Belmont, MA, 131.12