Husband of missing Utah woman controlling, belittling, she wanted divorce

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 21, 2009 5:45 am

As we’ve previously reported, Josh Powell, husband of Susan Powell, the Utah mother who has been missing for two weeks, is considered a person of interest in her investigation.

Two weeks ago, Josh Powell allegedly told his wife he was taking their young children camping in the desert west of Salt Lake City. Allegedly he took them at midnight on a school night when it was 10 degrees outside. A friend of the couple who has known them since the beginning of the marriage, Rachel Marini, told the TODAY show that the story does not make sense. “I don’t know, but I do know that if he had told Susan, ‘Hey, I’m going to take the boys out camping, and it’s 10 degrees out, it’s a blizzard, and we have school the next day,’ she would have said, ‘No way,’ and she wouldn’t have let him,” Marini said.

Marini also admitted Susan Powell’s demeanor had visibly changed in the last eight years, since the couple married. She had become depressed and thought about filing for divorce, but the presence of the children stopped her.  “Josh was very controlling. He controlled everything in their marriage from the money that Susan spent to what groceries she could buy, to what she could eat. There was a lot of fighting and belittling on his part. It just reduced her to a very unhappy and different person than she was when we first met her,” Marini said.

The Powells had seen much financial difficulty over the last years, and apparently the marriage had only become worse when they moved from Washington to Utah several years ago.

Josh Powell attended a public vigil for Susan, however he did not acknowledge Susan’s parents, who were also there. Friend Rachel Marini called the behavior strange: “Her parents are hurting just as much as he is. I would have hoped that he would have been comforting to them, as I know they would have been to him,” she said.

Here’s some video from the TODAY show: