Snow in Lake Tahoe a welcome guest today

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 21, 2009 4:29 pm

There’s a snowstorm underway in the Lake Tahoe region right now, and since 1 PM, you can’t drive on State Route 431 without chains or snow tires.

Winter weather advisories are in effect until tomorrow morning at 9AM, and officials are expecting at least a foot of snow at higher elevations: “Snow levels will start around 6,000 feet today and quickly drop to valley floors by this evening”.

We are loving these snowstorms throughout the country, and while we do feel badly for all you stranded travelers out there…for us, the snow is a welcome guest. Speaking of being our guest, here’s rockstar barbershop quartet Vocal Spectrum singing the last 30 seconds of their rendition of “Be Our Guest”. For those of you who enjoy tight harmonies, suspended chord progressions, sick overtones, and overall awesomeness in the vocal quality category, enjoy.

Just wish the quality of video were better…