Why Tom Cruise should visit his ski home in Telluride now

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 21, 2009 3:31 pm

Not that it would really solve anything, but Tom may need to grab wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri and hide out in their ski home in Telluride, Colorado for a while.

Why? Apparently, Tom’s being sued for hiring a private investigator to illegally wiretap the phone of a magazine editor. That editor is Michael Davis Sapir. He claims Tom Cruise, Tom’s attorney Bert Fields and P.I. Anthony Pellicano (currently in jail) all conspired to spy on him.

Tom Cruise knows Mr. Sapir quite well, having sued him in 2001 for $100 million when Sapir said he had video evidence that Cruise was gay. That lawsuit settled with both parties saying no such evidence existed.

Take a ski break in Telluride Tom, this will most likely turn into a giant pain in your butt.