Schmid & Holmlund push repeat button & win second World Cup Ski Cross

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 22, 2009 2:34 pm

The first two races of the World Cup ski season in Innichen, Italy had the same two racers atop the podium.  Switzerland’s Michael Schmid and Sweden’s Anna Holmlund bested the entire field both days.  In fact, Schmid did not lose a heat in two days.

As dominant as Schmid and Holmlund both were, it’s still hard to get a read on the rest of the World Cup season and Winter Olympics.  The course in Innichen had no banked turns, just flat hard snow with just a few features.

Ashley McIvor of SuperBabes of Snow fame, secured her Winter Olympics spot with second and fourth place showings.

American Casey Puckett landed on the podium yesterday, but was eliminated in the first round today.  Daron Rhalves was also eliminated in the first round, finishing 21st.

“It didn’t start out as good as yesterday. We only had average qualifying results,” U.S. Ski Cross Head Coach Tyler Shepherd said. “Casey made a mistake in the upper part of the course in qualifying and didn’t get first lane choice. Getting first lane choice here is pretty critical.  Both Casey and Daron had second choice and both got pinched out at the start.  Both their starts were good, too, so it’s a little frustrating.”

Jamaican Ski Team of one, Errol Kerr (pictured above) had a rough start to the season, finishing 54 and 58.

Hopefully the next stop in Oberndorf, Austria will have a course more inspiring and worthy of the skills of these great ski cross athletes.

photo by Gepa


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