Health insurance debate complicated, action sports insurance not

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 23, 2009 6:48 am

Given how many injuries we’ve seen on the World Cup circuit this season, we’re reminded how easy it is to blow an ACL, or break a leg or an arm while partaking in a glorious action sport such as skiing or snowboarding.

So why not have insurance to cover you in case that happens? For $20 a month (or $67 for premium coverage), XSI offers action sports coverage to pros and amateurs both. Here’s Robert Scott, owner and founder of XSI: “It’s a big setback and inconvenience that not only keeps you off the hill when you have an injury, but it’s financially stressful. Most people think about insurance at some point when they’re pushing their physical limits, but a lot of people don’t know where to get insurance for these kind of sports. XSI makes it easy for anyone to buy reliable and affordable insurance when participating in action or extreme sports.”

Just remember that XSI Action Sports coverage does not replace overall health insurance, but you don’t need other types of coverage to receive benefits.