Watch Ian McIntosh wax poetic about the 4-point landing in TGR’s ‘On the Couch’

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 23, 2009 11:53 am

Ian McIntosh is a big boy stomping even bigger landings.  Nicknamed Big Mac, this Whistler freeskier has ditched delivering pizzas for TGR fame.  His style is fluid, while his choice of lines is awe-inspiring.  Double and triple stagers (= huck cliff, make a turn, huck another cliff, make turn, huck last cliff) are what shined a light on Mr. McIntosh’s larger-than-life skiing skills.

I will never disparage brave folks who huck monster cliffs, but Ian McIntosh stomps his landings better than the rest.  No backseat butt grenade landing.  He sticks it.  A 4-point landing.  Check out Ian discussing the wonders of the 4-point landing in this episode of TGR’s ‘On the Couch.’ 

Ian McIntosh charges harder than a Beverly Hills credit card.

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