Eight hour search leads to rescued speed glider in Breckenridge

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2009 9:28 am

Speed gliding, a sport made popular in Europe, is kind of like mini-skiBASE jumping. You ski with a foot-launched parachute (smaller than normal chute) which lifts you off the ground intermittently depending on wind speed and direction. You may also have heard of it referred to as ski gliding or speed flying.

On Sunday, the Summit County Rescue Group spent eight hours rescuing an injured speed glider. He and his friend had plans to take off from Quandary (a 14,000 foot peak south of Breckenridge, Colorado), ski down the East Ridge and glide to the bottom. The wind failed one of the men, and he crashed near the top, breaking both legs. Five bystanders waited with the man in -5 degree weather until rescue teams arrived.

The rescue operation took eight hours due to the difficulty of moving him in general, and then moving him down the mountain.

The injured glider was quite experienced, and apparently just hit a bout of bad luck. We’re glad he’s OK and wish him a speedy recovery.