High numbers reported for Lake Tahoe ski areas over Christmas weekend

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2009 7:15 pm

Good news for the Lake Tahoe ski industry—the resorts reported above-average numbers over the Christmas weekend, and into today as well. Here’s Rachel Woods, spokeswoman for Alpine Meadows and Homewood Mountain ski resorts: “Today is Monday after a first major holiday, and I’d imagine many people decided to spend Christmas at home and then travel here after the holidays.”

Regarding the Christmas weekend, Squaw Valley‘s director of marketing, Christine Horvath, said “We’re significantly above our last year’s numbers, and I think we’re going to see this next week really raise the bar in the number of visitors and our overall percentages. I would say that the holidays are really when the season gets going.”

Resorts have apparently seen a good number of returning visitors along with a staggering amount of new arrivals, as many more lessons have been booked this year than last year. Diamond Peak Ski Resort special events coordinator Barb Archer mentioned this, as well as saying “We’re not feeling the economy at all,” Archer said “It’s great to see the crowds out there this year, and we hope the trend continues.”

So do we!