Lindsey Vonn crashes and puts Olympics in jeopardy

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 28, 2009 4:23 am

Straight out of the say it isn’t so department, Lindsey Vonn had a severe crash at the World Cup in Lienz, Austria and likely broke her left arm.  Although we don’t want to go there, it certainly puts her Vancouver Olympic success in jeopardy for the Vail skier.  Although no official word on the severity of the injury, Vonn did stay down for 10 minutes before making her way down the run with the arm in a sling.  More importantly, when getting into the ambulance, Vonn said “my arm really hurts, I don’t know what happened.  I believe it’s broken.”

Vonn got off to a rough start in the run with a couple of mistakes early on, then she hit a gate and fell backwards landing on the arm.  Lindsey had been skiing incredibly well this season and was a top the World Cup overall standings.  Last week in Val D’Isere, she won the super combined and finished 3rd in the super-G.

Right now Olympic officials are likely on the their hands and knees praying to the heeling Gods as a Vonn-less Winter Olympics would be like a Michael Phelps-less Summer Olympics.  As of right now, she is without question the “it” girl going into the Olympic games and her absence would send a lot of staffers back to the drawing board.  There is certainly an argument for her being the greatest female skier or ski racer in the history of skiing on an absolute basis.  She is incrediby beautiful.  She is articulate.  She is telegenic and mediagenic.  Basically, Lindsey Vonn is the package.

It certain could be worse, like an ACL or the like, but still if the arm is broken it is not something that she could take a cortisone shot for to allow her to compete.  These racers are winning by fractions of seconds and there entire body is part of every nuance of every turn. 

More to come shortly as word comes out.