Lindsey Vonn’s arm not broken, German Kathrin Hoelzl takes first

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2009 6:01 am

Update on an injured Lindsey Vonn who endured a horrible crash during today’s GS World Cup races in Lienz, Austria. Dr. Eduard Sporer said she may actually be able to race in tomorrow’s slalom events, and that “It’s not a classic broken wrist, but a swelling or edema in the bone.” That is far less serious than originally anticipated. Perhaps Lindsey’s Olympic chances aren’t shot after all!

Call it empathy, distraction, or simply lack of confidence, but after Lindsey crashed, her good friend and stiffest competition with regards to World Cup overall standings, Maria Riesch, missed a gate during her run and went out of the race. “It’s hard to stay focused and keep your concentration during such a break,” said Riesch. “But it wasn’t the main reason for my mistake, it’s more down to my lack of self-confidence in GS at the moment.” At this point, Maria is only 50 points behind Lindsey in the overall standings.

German racer Kathrin Hoelzl was able to keep her focus steady, and held onto her lead from the first run, winning the event by .05 seconds. This marks Hoelzl’s second win of the season.