China gets fastest train in the world – skiers get screwed

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 29, 2009 5:58 am

Can a passenger train go over 200 mph?  It can if it is the Wuguang Passenger Railway which goes from Wuhan to Hubei.  I hear they make a great Ricaroni Caserole in Hubei.  Wait a minute, that’s the San Francisco treat…

With an average mph of 217, the new train replaced a train that got people between those two stops in 10 hours.  Now they get there in 3 hours.  The train has gone nearly 250 mph in test runs.  Not too shabby.

Head a couple of clicks East to Denver, Colorado and we give you The Ski Train.  The Rio Grande Scenic ski train.  It had been running for 69 years taking skiers and snowboarders up to the Winter Park ski resort and area.  How cool!

But it now looks like I-70 West is going to gain a lot more cars.  I guess that means that I-70 East is going to as well unless a few skiers park their car forever, go off the grid and live in the mountains.

Right now you have a high stakes chess going on between Iowa Pacific (the company trying to revive the service after Anshutz Co. pulled the plug on it earlier this year) and Amtrak, the company who was going to operate the train.  The main rub is supposedly over a $200 million dollar insurance policy that Amtrak wants Iowa Pacific to buy.  Iowa Pacific basically claims that policy is so expensive, that they can’t make a business out of it.

Could someone lock these in a room and not open the door until this problem is solved?  Attention, you have an airport in Kansas.  You have some of the best resorts in the world, but have more challenging access than other ski areas.  The ski industry is a staggering portion of your economy.  There are over 10,000 per-registered bookings on the train.

Get this damn thing running and don’t let details stand in the way!  Sorry for the vent.