New ski boot boasts the most comfortable boot available

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 29, 2009 10:51 am


The Apex ski boot. As you can see, it combines the flexibility of a snowboard boot with the rigidity skiers need to produce a, dare we say it, comfortable ski boot that isn’t annoying to wear.

The boot was designed by Boulder, Colorado resident Denny Hanson, who has been designing ski and snowboard boots for 40 some years. As Hanson has gotten older, he has felt the need for a comfy ski boot more and more: “I expected the Europeans to perfect those soft boot designs and make them better,” Hanson said. “Instead, they just went away. Then I had a lot of my friends, as they got older, saying ‘I’m not going to ski anymore. My feet hurt, I’m uncomfortable, I can’t get warm.’ As you get older, your peripheral circulation is nowhere near as good. I said, ‘I think if I work on some of those concepts but do it a little bit differently, I can make a boot that will do all of those things.’ “

From the Denver Post: “The “walking boot” is comfortable, and because it uses the Boa lacing system, it doesn’t have to be cranked as tightly as a traditional boot. That means it doesn’t impair circulation, so your feet don’t get as cold. The Boa system applies uniform pressure across the instep, keeping feet from moving around in the boot and allowing for a wider toe box.

When the boot is inserted into its carbon fiber frame, it’s rigid enough to transfer foot movements to skis efficiently. It works because carbon fiber has a high strength-to-weight ratio.”

Hanson continues: “It’s very space-age stuff. If the aircraft guys want to make something very stiff and very light, they turn toward carbon composites.”

Before you get too excited, be aware that because of the carbon fiber, the boots aren’t cheap. They go for $1,295 right now. “If you take an aluminium frame bike and you compare it to a carbon fiber bike, it’s two or three times the cost,” Hanson said. “Relative to other high-priced boots, we’re a third more. They’re $800, we’re at $1,300. It’s the cost of material.”

Although costly, reviews have been very positive for these boots. If you feel the comfort of your feet is worth shelling out a bit of dough, you may want to invest in some Apex boots.