Preview of what’s coming in the Nordic Combined World Cup scene

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 30, 2009 6:27 am



                                                                                 EVENT PREVIEW  OBERHOF

                                                   World Cup Races # 200 and 2001 for Mario Stecher  (AUT) in Oberhof

OBERHOF (GER), 30 December 2009 – At the beginning of the Year 2010,  the Nordic Combined scene meets in Oberhof for its next World Cup  events. Oberhof is rich in tradition in Nordic sports and organizes  World Cups in Cross-Country, Biathlon, Bob and Luge as well. 




Friday, 1 January,     12:00 pm:  provisional competition round

Saturday, 2 January, 11:00 am: jumping session, HS  140

                                   16:15  pm: 10 km cross-country race

Sunday, 3 January,   10:45 am: jumping  session, HS 140

                                   12:45  pm: 10 km cross-country race

The hill is a HS 140 named after Hans Renner, former  national coach of the GDR and father of (summer) jumping on mats.  The hill is also called Rennsteig-Schanze or Schanze am Rennsteig  (hill at the Rennsteig, a mountain area nearby). The hill has been  modified over the years; the last changes were made in the year  2000. The record holder is the current overall World Cup leader  Anssi Koivuranta (FIN), who jumped 147 meters during the World Cup  2005.

The track is 2,500 m long and was rebuilt between 2001  and 2003. The difference between the lowest and highest point is 65  meters (774 m/839 m above sea level). The Ski Arena bears the name  of DKB, Deutsche Kredit Bank, which is the title sponsor of this  year’s FIS Nordic Combined World Cup. The finance organisation also  supports biathlon, bob, speed skating and other sport  disciplines.

Ronny Ackermann, German Nordic Combined superstar and  overall World Cup title holder, lives in Oberhof. Tino Edelmann is  an athlete of SC Motor Zella-Mehlis, a village near Oberhof. Tom  Beetz is from Suhl near Oberhof, too. All three  athletes enjoy a home ground advantage.

Todd Lodwick (USA), who has celebrated his impressive comeback with two  second places last year in Oberhof, will skip these competitions.  The teams from Japan and Norway won’t be present  as well. All prefer to train at home in view of the Olympic Winter  Games in Vancouver.

At the start there will be Mario Stecher (AUT/199  World Cup presences in individual races until now) Hannu Manninen  (FIN/182), Felix Gottwald (AUT/176), Ronny Ackermann (GER/173) –  four athletes, 730 races! Youngsters are Alessandro Pittin (ITA/18  races) and Johannes Rydzek (GER/15).

Last years top three:

First day: 1. Magnus Moan (NOR), 2. Todd Lodwick  (USA), 3. Anssi Koivuranta  (FIN).

Second day: 1. Anssi Koivuranta (FIN), 2. Todd Lodwick  (USA), 3. Jason Lamy  Chappuis  (FRA).