How ski resorts give back to the environment

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 31, 2009 7:42 am

                                                                                 Going Green and Building Momentum

    Attitash Ski Resort is pleased to announce the results of its past year’s single stream recycling efforts, as we do our best to help our environment remain healthy.

    For the year ending December 1, 2009, Attitash was able to recycle 22.8 tons of materials, gross, with approximately 11.4 tons of that being paper and cardboard materials.

    That 11.4 tons of paper and cardboard materials translates into a combined savings of 187 trees, 45,100 kilowatt hours, 39 cubic yards of landfill airspace, 5,093 gallons of oil, 264 gallons of gasoline and 77,000 gallons of water.  Yes, that’s a combined savings folks.

    As we move forward into our next year of recycling, Attitash is committed to promoting the “Recycle Now” message even more, asking employees and guests alike to think green and do their best to help their environment, something that benefits us all in the best possible way.