Update on snowboarder Kevin Pearce – in critical condition

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on January 2, 2010 6:21 pm

Snowboard star and uber talent, Kevin Pearce of Norwich, Vermont is unfortunately still in stable, but critical condition following his accident on New Years Eve at Park City ski resort.  He has sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and is in the intensive care unit of the University of Utah Hospital.

“Kevin sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, said Holly Ledyard, M.D.,” a Neurointensivist. “He is currently in intensive care and in critical condition, but stable and has not needed to undergo surgery at this time. He is intubated and being kept sedated. The focus over the next week will be watching for any swelling in his brain and keeping his brain pressure normal. Kevin has a long recovery ahead of him.”

Pearce was attempting a cab double cork which is a twisting double backflip.  He has landed the trick before and he had a helmut on at the time.