The Ski Channel / Bryon Friedman one billion dollar giveaway

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on January 4, 2010 9:16 pm

All right, we’re not really giving away a billion dollars.  But it’s only because we don’t have it.  If we did the vote for Bryon Friedman cause is the most worthy we can think of.  Bryon is on the verge of being voted the Sirius/XM’s singer-songwriter of the year.  There are only a few more hours to vote.  So please vote for Bryon by clicking on this link…

Stay tuned to The Ski Channel as we have a show coming out with Bryon in one of the coolest places you will ever see…the Fender University.  Bryon plays guitar with all the fender greats – James Burton, John 5, etc.  He tours the Fender factory and custom shop.  Lets just say, it is freakin cool!

Also, if you do something that really helps Bryon get some votes, list it in the comments below and we will send the most impactful one – something really cool.  Trust us!

Surfing’s got Jack Johnson, ski racing has Bryon Friedman.  Lets help him win!