Tiger no invite for Chamonix ski trip as Elin Nordegren decides their fate

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on January 4, 2010 2:12 am

No word if she ski’d any of the stuff from Blizzard of Aahhh’s, but there was all kinds of other fresh info coming out of Elin Nordegren’s recent trip to Chamonix, France.  Tiger was supposedly holed up in Trump Plaza in New York City while Elin with a group of girl friends  including her twin sister and body guards skied downhill and cross country in the French Alps in and around Chamonix.  The group stayed in Chamonix in a nice but somewhat modest (at least for someone who Tiger is trying to schmooze) place. 

Although the sponsors are choosing to leave Tiger, Elin has reportedly not made up her mind and is soul searching the situation.  Back of the envelope:

  • Finances – leave him and get 20% to 50% or stay and spend it all
  • Trust and deep connection – that will take some time
  • Kids – these types of situations push parents in protection and kids are all that matter mode, so it is a real grey area here

If they do stay together, the level of his ability to pick up skanky ho’s in nightclubs is probably going to be dropkicked to the curb, but who knows.  Her smart lawyer supposedly re-negotiated their pre-nup when Tiger was in his heaviest graveling mode – smart.

This trip Elin was donned from head to toe in Craft Performance Apparel on numerous occations, but made a lot of outfit changes.  She was skiing on Salomon twin tip skis as well as Salomon cross country skis that insiders said were likely rentals.  She was always wearing mittens and had Scott poles that were likely rentals as well. 

She spent some time shopping and had a healthy array of protection with her at all times.

Good on you Elin to use a ski trip at a great ski resort like Chamonix to take stock!