Exclusive: USSA Grand Prix Mammoth slopestyle course preview

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 6, 2010 4:09 pm

Tomorrow marks the start of the slopestyle portion on the 2nd stop of the USSA Grand Prix of Snowboarding held at Mammoth Mountain. The first event held at Copper Mountain, CO featured only the superpipe discipline, so tomorrow marks the kick-off of the slopestyle side of the tour.

Let me just start out by saying the course is looking HUGE. 

For those familiar with the annual terrain park offerings found inside the Mammoth Unbound Parks, this should come as no surprise.

The course low-down:

This course starts with a bang, as the riders will bomb down the in-run enclosed only by the dreamy Paul Mitchell fencing, and will find themselves facing the infamous Mammoth Mountain Main Park middle booter.

While it’s doesn’t quite measure to the tune of 105 feet such as it has been built to in the past, it’s still pretty sizable. I saw more then a few pro snowboarders casing this bad boy during their first practice hits on the beast.

Following the opening behemoth, riders will have a brief chance to catch their breath before they sore off a step-up that looks only a bit shorter then the first jump. 

After the competitors successfully make it past the initial 1-2 punch of the opening kickers, they are treated to their choice of jib options. Heading left the rider can either grease one of the infamous Mammoth ‘lift-tower’ jibs or an equally long flat rail found on the right hand side.

Moving down the course the jibs continue, and again it becomes a case of boarder’s choice of jib features. On skier’s left lies a long flat-down box. If that isn’t quite the competitor’s bag, they can slide the urban style down-flat-down single barrel rail.

Once finished with the jibs, the riders will find themselves hitting possibly the weirdest feature on the course – a snowboard-x style gap. Featuring a nearly flat take off, the riders can send this feature pretty deep almost like an alpine ski downhill course.

Finally, to wrap things up, the course finishes with the standard Mammoth Mountain “showcase booter” found every season right in front of the Main Lodge and Chair 6.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more updates coming live from Mammoth as slopestyle qualifiers get underway. TSC will be bringing you exclusive coverage of the expected craziness.