The Ski Channel Tiger Woods joke contest

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 7, 2010 12:26 pm

Hundreds have been made. Comedians and late night talk show hosts have almost exhausted the possibilities…but we think there are more Tiger Woods jokes out there, and we’re looking for a good laugh over here.

So, The Ski Channel presents our official Tiger Woods Joke Contest. Simply type your joke in the comment section, and a panel of us will judge all the jokes. Whichever one makes us simultaneously pee ourselves whilst shooting milk out of our noses will win a The Ski Channel t-shirt and hat, courtesy of us.

We have faith in you, skiers and snowboarders. We’re sure some Tiger zingers have been made around the apres table over some brews. Below are some jokes we’ve already heard in case you were thinking of posting these. Good luck! Make us laugh!

“Tiger and Elin have signed a new prenuptual agreement.  According to the new contract, the next time Tiger plays a round, Elin will hand him his balls.”

“AT&T ended its sponsorship deal with Tiger Woods. Which is strange, since no one has reached out and touched more people than Tiger Woods.”

“Tiger Woods father was black, and his mother is from Thailand. So if they ever had a combined family reunion, would it be a Black-Thai affair?”

“A Tiger Limerick:

This great golfer’s image was glowing

His future was beautifully flowing

Until it was found

That the hole in the ground

Was not where his putz had been going.”