From Snowboard to Skateboard Back to Snowboard

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 8, 2010 11:11 am

Snowboard season is full on but let’s be realistic. Not all of us live a hop, skip, and a jump from the mountains. Although, this does not mean we don’t still want to maintain our board skills and make sure our weekend trips are filled with glory. So how do you fine-tune your board skills all week without becoming a ski bum and moving to the base of the ski field?

A backyard skateboard mini ramp of course. That’s right. It’s the perfect backyard toy that you can never be too old for. Just picture that perfect Skatelite surface guiding you through frontside and backside transitions.

Ya ya, the rail is totally different on a skateboard than a snowboard. But that doesn’t mean skating isn’t going to enhance your board skills. They are two sports that go together like peanut butter and jelly or Elton John and Michael Bolton. You can’t go wrong with the perfect back yard mini ramp. I mean think of the skate parties!

You might be asking how you get this so-called perfect backyard ramp at this point. Well after this voluptuous lead in I have finally come to why I am so excited. Whitefish Skate Ramp Co. is a small town ma’ and pa’ business that I stumbled upon when I was ten (that makes just that). A fully ready to assemble mini ramp kit with perfect transitions, measurements, and none other than Skatelite, Ramp X, and Ramp Armor surfacing (depending on preference).

We got ours for my older brother’s who skated that ramp day and night. And let me

tell you, they are not only kick ass skateboarders but also ass whooping snowboarders. Owner and creator of Whitefish Ramp Co., Brendan Rohan has been building ramps for over ten years (you might recognize the name as he is also a well known snowboard photographer who has shot the likes of Andrew Crawford and the Robinson boys for K2 with his studio, Stumptown Photography ). Now with a warehouse, Brendan is set to hook us enthusiastic boarders up with the ultimate snowboarder tree house that is shipped to your door and ready to assemble!


With only thirty feet of backyard room, you can have your mini ramp and snowboard training course. Trust me snowboard junkies, this is the Ikea of skateboarding and the marathon runner’s treadmill for snowboarder’s. If you have the room I highly recommend you check out this unique and wonderful innovation in board sports ( I am not just vamping up Brendan’s work as a friend but this is seriously cool if you do nothing but check out his killer idea.

Article by Jenna Hannon

For more information or ramp orders please contact:

Brendan Rohan

at 406-253-5365 or

To get hooked up mention Jenna @ The Ski Channel when ordering.