Revenge for Shaun White: ‘Flying Tomato’ leads Grand Prix superpipe qualifiers from Mammoth, Danny Davis in hot pursuit

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 8, 2010 3:55 pm

You can only push the competitive fire of someone like Shaun White for so long before they come roaring back with their finest performance. Today at Mammoth, Mr. Shaun White did just that as he led all superpipe competitors with the top score of 45.8 during the USSA Grand Prix superpipe qualifiers. White’s runs clearly featured some of the most consistently big amplitude, and his score certainly reflected the judge’s emphasis on going big and risking it all.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “didn’t we just have a USSA Grand Prix superpipe contest from Mammoth?” 

Yes, your memory isn’t failing you, as local boy Danny Davis won the superpipe finals a mere two days ago over Shaun White from the very same resort. However, the USSA Grand Prix from Mammoth actually features two different superpipe contests, both of which count as Olympic qualifiers.

So even though Danny Davis dropped a bomber run earlier this week that earned him a record score of 49.2, everything resets again for a new contest. Luckily for the man with the lion’s mane, Davis was able to repeat success as he earned a very respectable 45.20, just nar

rowly missing the ginger-haired phenom.

Other notables such as DWTS alum Louie Vito had much better performances this contest. While Vito had some trouble in practice yesterday, he had no trouble launching a double cork his first hit in the pipe en route to a very respectable 2nd place finish in Heat Two. Louie’s qualifying run might only have him sitting in 6th place overall for now, but I assure you the man is capable of a much more glorious run come finals. Don’t rule out the dancing man quite yet.

Men’s Heat One

Danny Davis, 45.20
Dylan Bidez, 43.10
JJ Thomas, 41.40
Elijah Teter, 41.30
Zach Black, 39.60
Steve Fisher 39.50
Mathieu Crepel, 38.30
Luke Mitrani, 38.20
Andy Finch, 38.0
Greg Bretz, 36.2

Men’s Heat Two

Shaun White, 45.8
Louie Vito, 40.80
Nathan Johnstone,

Matt Ladley, 39.40
Jack Mitrani, 37.90
Brad Martin, 37.20
Scotty Lago, 36.90
Danny Kass, 36.70
Broc Waring, 35.70
Scott Pike, 35.40

Superpipe finals are all set to go down tomorrow, so if your in the Mammoth area don’t hesitate to book it to the mountain to cheer on your favorite pro. You just might help them in their bid to join the Olympic team.