Arne Backstrom tops Julien Lopez at Canadian Freeskiing World Championships

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 11, 2010 11:45 am

To the left of Mount Mackenzie, next to the Greely Bowl, the bravest skiers in the world tackled huge cliffs with exposed rocks and even a few trees at the Canadian Freeskiing World Championships.  Revelstoke Mountain Resort was the second stop on the Freeskiing World Tour.  Chopo Diaz, the leader after the first day of the comp, fell on his final run and finished 11th.  Still Diaz hucked a 40 foot cliff, and when you’re huckin’ cliffs that big, does it really matter what “place” you came in?

Unofficial Squaw team member (aka Kick-Ass Blaster), Arne Backstrom flew down the gnar and dominated the field, winning by a large and in charge margin of seven full points.

On the women’s side, Jess McMillan of Jackson Hole bested Jacqui Edgerly by skiing a highly technical line.

Telluride is up next for the FWT on February 4.

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