Bad luck of Canadian ski team continues as they endure more injury

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 12, 2010 7:45 pm

The poor Canadian ski team has been plagued with injuries this entire season. John Kucera, Kelly VanderBeek, Francois Bourque and three more athletes have suffered injuries that have knocked them out of contention for the Olympic Games.

Recently, Robbie Dixon narrowly avoided that category—and frankly still may fall into it. Dixon, 25, banged his head on a hotel door after slipping on ice in Kirchberg, Austria and suffered a concussion. He is heading home now. He is expected to recover in time for the Olympics, but nothing is certain. “It wasn’t even a ski thing,” said Canadian men’s head coach Paul Kristofic. “He slipped on the ice by the hotel and bonked his head on the edge of a door. Just one of those stupid things, but it happens.

It’s pretty minor, but at the same time he’s not 100 per cent. He’s able to do almost everything but there’s a few movements that sort of bug him… especially when his head is shaking. We were going to try and keep him, but he really wasn’t getting a lot better and time is sort of ticking away here so we decided to make a move and make sure he’s really ready.”

Dixon has been having a strong season so far, with four top-10 finishes in the World Cup circuit. We hope he makes a full recovery in time for Vancouver, and that he doesn’t join the list of athletes who’ve met with some bad luck.