Will the new Michael Jackson Neverland theme park have indoor ski run?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 12, 2010 6:13 am


Is this awesome, or creepy?

In Gary, Indiana, folks are building a replica of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (the actual ranch is in Southern California), but it’s not just a replica…it’s a theme park. Basically it’s a theme park with the “theme” being MJ’s ranch.

So far, the plans of the park include a 300-room hotel, a performing arts center, a golf course, and a roller coaster “Thriller” ride.

When we heard this, we figured since Michael spent a lot of time skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland (a favorite ‘hiding’ spot for Roman Polanski…), they should have an indoor ski run modeled after the Gstaad ski area. That might make us actually want to go. The instructors could teach you how to moonwalk down the slope. Construction for the park hasn’t even started yet, so there’s still time to petition them to add a ski run! Should we write a letter?? Odie Anderson is the theme park’s operations agent: “We will begin construction of the facilities this year. We have set aside a specific date, tied to a special Jackson event, for the ground breaking.”

Again, are we excited, creeped out, or confused?