Karl Beurdimurat; It’s Turkish for perfect ski bum

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 13, 2010 2:01 pm

Every once in a while when you are out on the slopes you meet that unbelievable rider that personaifies the pure pleasure of the sport. They are not sponsored nor are they employed (not that they shouldn’t be). As they spend all their energy into just doing what they love. In essence, doing exactly what we all wish we could do. Drop everything and ride.

For Montana local, Karl Beurdimurat, this is what life is all about. The 21 year old spent his last season in Crested Butte, Colorado ski bumming and riding all day. He welcomed his best bud and K2 rider Aaron Robinson along for the ride to compete in the freeride master’s. Karl himself should be competing with the level of his riding but it seems to be something that is just not that far up his priority list. Instead he helped Aaron plan the obstacles to conquer in his run and spent the day riding himself during the master’s competition.

According to Aaron, “snowboarding started in Turkey thousands of years ago! Hence Karl’s fluidity” which, if you have seen Karl ride, you would not disagree. He spins cliff dropping 540′s like child’s play and knows exaclty how to map out the perfect free ride, all-mountain run. The day I spent riding with Karl I followed closely in his 21 year old wisdom. He would stop at the end of each run and just point left and right to all the perfect obstacles to send, slide and style into perfect powder pillows. When you ride with karl, you don’t hold back yet there is no fear. You are just lost in the moment of hitting all that you deemed impossible that are just the daily coffee stop for karl.

What amazes me most about karl is his sheer enthusiasm. “I spent the summer living in a tent and working just so I could ride all season every single day.” Foggy, cold, storm, no storm, Karl rides everyday. His obligations are to ride and he never wakes up not excited to get out on the mountain. During this season of riding Karl plan’s on taking his ski bum philosophy traveling again. He is due to hit Utah, Colorado, and California      for some free ride competitions.

Close friend Jason Robinson at Whitefish

It’s rare, even among the pros, we meet such a genuine enthusiast with such great skill and an eye for freeride obstacles. Some say he is just another ski bum but to all that know him, he is only 21 and legendary. I only hope to get the pleasure to ride with him again and if you happen to be on the slopes this winter you may turn to the rider next to you on the lift and meet the Turkish glory himself. But until then, will PBR please sponsor this kid!

Although you can stay a ski bum forever, with a rider like Karl don’t be surprised when the next major snowboard film is titled Ya Karl.

Article by Jenna Hannon