The Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 13, 2010 1:19 pm

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour just capped off its first lag of the tour in Vail, Colorado last weekend. After a two day bull fight to the finish champions were crowned and the tour moves on its way. Next stop being Tyrol Basin.

Crowned in first for the free skier slopestyle Tanner Coulter with a mighty score of 93.25 with Aiden Sheahan coming in second with a score of 84. It just goes to show us that Tanner is truly the winning name of a ski pro (I mean just look at where the name took Tanner Hall. If Tanner Coulter is to follow in his footsteps then he must be going straight to the top). Did we mention Coulter is only 15?

Pattie Baski takes first for the freeski superpipe with Kevin Nichols following in his tracks as the winner for the freeski superpipe junior jam.

Snowboarders Cody Boan, Gill Montgomery and Kyle Mack also threw down this past weekend in the superpipe making it not just an event for skier glory. The rider’s hit Breckenridge where Colorado native, Boan took the title for the weekend. The 21 year old landed a smooth switch rodeo 540 to put the icing on the winning cupcake that was his run.

In the women’s league, Colorado native snowboarder, Gill Montgomery took the tiara. Followed by fellow Colorado rider Emily Blewitt.

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour is a unique snow tour that highlights the talents of competitors under the age of 21. 2010 registration is open to amateur’s of all freeski and snowboard disciplines. The tour plans on making several stops across the nation with visits to Keystone, Brighton, and Mammoth to name a few.

The top rider’s of this weekend’s competition and others will look forward to the finals that will take place at the Dew Tour’s Toyot

a Championship, February 4-7, 2010 at Mount Snow Resort in Vermont. And with the young age of all the rider’s competed it is no doubt to be a full fledged traveling Circus!

Article by Jenna Hannon