Okemo Ski Resort in Vermont opens new terrain park made from all natural features

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 14, 2010 12:20 pm

Okemo Ski Resort in Ludlow, Vermont has recently opened a terrain park made from all natural features evolved from fallen timber. “Broken Arrow,” as they are calling it, is our gift from Mother nature and Okemo to free skiing and snowboarding. 

It’s not named after our new formed snow tribe or even the 1996 Christian Slater flick but rather for its untraditional yet back-to-basics approach to park riding. The Okemo park and pipe crew has put in long hours creating this new gladed terrain park that is now open to experienced rider’s of either sport. The park features three wall rides, two up-down jibs, three flat-down jibs, five flat logs, a flat-right “elbow tree,” and several tree stump jibs. 

Perhaps the most unique part of “Broken Arrow” is the fact that it will be ever evolving with the conditions. As more snow falls and trees break and venture in the woods, us rider’s look forward to what we can discover. It is putting the freeride back into snowsports teaching us how to ride our surroundings as a terrain park. With creativity, we can go back to the days where the glades were our park and wall rides weren’t walls at all but rather tree rides.

For freerider’s like K2′s Aaron Robinson, it is just the kind of park they thrive on. Aaron is constantly searching for natural jibs, hips, and kicker’s. With Okema’s new park it makes it that much more accessible to get naturally creative with your riding. Whether it’s built or found naturally, according to ARob you just have to “send it!”

Breaking Ski News by Jenna Hannon