Conan O’Brien says taking care of his staff a huge priority

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 17, 2010 11:38 am

Yesterday we discussed the unfortunate circumstance facing Conan O’Brien’s staff, folks who moved across the country with their families for “The Tonight Show” only to find themselves unemployed now.

We got some great feedback and commentary from you guys. Notably this one from “Nikki”: “I work at “The Tonight Show” and the mood isn’t one of angry betrayal. Stunned shock, sadness, and understandable fear, but no malevolence towards Conan. I have not heard one person say a bad thing about Conan in all this. So not sure who your sources are. As we say at work “We’ve been Zucked.” (By Jeff Zucker) Everyone I’ve talked to understood and supported Conan’s decision and no one believes he is gleefully taking 30 million and walking away smiling.”

First off, thanks for the comments guys. Always good to get some more information on a subject that many of you have asked us about. And yes, we’re aware we are The Ski Channel, but we’ve been getting emails asking about this late night debacle (people figure we’re in the entertainment business, not only the action sport business), so we figured we’d report on it.

Well, from what we’ve heard, the latest is that Conan has insisted his staff be taken care of, no matter what he and NBC work out between them. Conan’s rep said his priority in the proceedings with NBC has always been his staff first. If the staff aren’t taken care of in any way, that will be a “dealbreaker”. Still an unfortunate situation, but it’s nice to see Conan taking care of his own.