More details about Winter Dew Tour slopestyle finals

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 17, 2010 1:47 pm

Now we have some more deets about today’s Winter Dew Tour slopestyle finals. Native Utah boy Tom Wallisch threw it down today. Freeskier said it best, “Wallisch, known for his urban panache and ambitions of a rider, combined technical trickery and his trademark nonchalant landings to best the field. A pretzel up top into a triple line which included a left 900, switch right 1080 and switch double cork 1080 blew the judges minds.”

Coming up right behind him was Andreas Hatveit, the Breck winner, who gave the judges a switch right 1080, switch 1260, and a double cork 1080. In third was Bobby Brown from Breckenridge, with a switch right 1080, switch 900, and double cork 1260.

Sammy Carlson just missed the podium, coming in fourth, and Jossi Wells, yesterday’s pipe winner was fifth. Below are the final standings of the day. See you at the final stop in Mt. Snow, Vermont!

1) Tom Wallisch
2) Andreas Håtveit
3) Bobby Brown
4) Sammy Carlson
5) Jossi Wells
6) Phil Casabon
7) Elias Ambuhl
8) Alexis Godbout
9) Ian Cosco
10) TJ Schiller
11) Charles Gagnier
12) McRae Williams