Today’s Nordic Combined awesomeness

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 17, 2010 10:36 am

CHAUX-NEUVE (FRA), 17 January 2010 – Norway’s Magnus Moan won today’s DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup event in Chaux-Neuve and repeated his victory from Saturday. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) got second place, Mario Stecher (AUT) finished third.

Moan got 14th place in the ski jumping portion (93.0 m/112.8 points) and started with an disadvantage of 1:02 minutes behind halftime leader Bernhard Gruber from Austria who achieved 100.0 m (new hill record for Nordic Combined) and 128.4 points in the jumping competition.

During the race, Magnus Moan trailed for almost all ten kilometers. In front of him, Lamy Chappuis caught Gruber at the end of the first round and broke away in the third of the five 2 km laps. After 6.8 km, his advantage was still 12.6 seconds, after 8 km, the Frenchman led by 7 seconds.

During the last turn, Magnus Moan was able to outpace Bill Demong (the American lost third place to Stecher later on) and caught Lamy Chappuis just 40 seconds before he crossed the finish line. Moan scored the fastest cross-country time (23:08.8 minutes).

In the overall World Cup ranking, Chappuis (869 points) extended his lead. Austria’s Felix Gottwald placed seventh today and has 589 points on his side.

The DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup will go on with an individual (Saturday) and a team competition (Sunday)  in Schonach next weekend.

Today’s top three:

1. Magnus Moan (NOR)     112.8 points (14.)/23:08.8 (1.)    24:10.8

2. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)  126.9 points (2.)/24:05.8 (16.)    +1.0

3. Mario Stecher (AUT)      117.8 points (7.)/23:42.4 (6.)       +13.6

Overall standing:

1. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) 869, 2. Felix Gottwald (AUT) 589, 3. Magnus Moan (NOR) 542, 4. Tino Edelmann (GER) 480, 5. Johnny Spillane (USA) 465, 6. Eric Frenzel (GER) 457.

Magnus Moan (NOR) – first

I’ve won never before two race at the same weekend; therefore, I am really happy. In the morning, I thought that we would not jump because of the wind and rain. But then I was happy that we did because I achieved my best competition jump in this season so far.

At the cross-country, I used the same tactic as on Saturday. I wanted to ski my race and to make up ground. I realized early in the competition that Jason was skiing better and faster than the day before. I caught him almost at the end, but, believe me, if the race was 50 m shorter, Jason would have won.

Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) – second
Again, I was satisfied with my jumping today. At the cross-country race, my tactic was to go alone when I heard in the middle of the third lap that Magnus Moan and the others are still 30-35 seconds behind. But in the last round, Moan caught me, and he was too strong for me in the sprint.
Mario Stecher (AUT) – third
This is an important podium place for me, and it is a place I did not expect today. But the jumping went well, and I had better material than yesterday on the cross-country track. I was able to beat Bill Demong at the finish line, and obviously I am happy about.
I like to compete here in Chaux-Neuve, the crowd is just great, they know our names and cheer for us – here, Nordic Combined is very important.