California storms good for snow, bad for Station Fire residents and Mountain High ski area

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 18, 2010 3:31 pm

California needed rain…it got it today, and it will continue to get it throughout the rest of the week (and maybe into next week too). These are significant storms, and they’re affecting the entire state. Good news for snow! The Sierra foothills in SoCal could get snow as low as 3,000 feet. Yay!

Not so yay: folks in the areas of SoCal that were affected last summer by the Station Fire (that threatened Mt. Waterman ski area and the Mt. Wilson observatory) are now being threatened by heavy mudslides. Many have already been forced to evacuate. Said LA County fire Chief Mike Metro: “We are begging you to leave when you’re ordered. These debris flows can be deadly, and if you stay you may not only be risking yourself and your family, but you may be risking the first responders who have to go in and rescue you as well.”

The storms in Southern California could drop 20 inches of rain inland and 8 inches along the coast and in the valleys by Friday.

We sincerely hope there are no damaging or deadly mudslides in these areas of SoCal. Why can’t wintery weather ever just bring good news?

UPDATE: Due to high winds as a result of the storm, the Mountain High ski area has shut down for the day. The winds have also left more than 4,000 people in San Bernardino County without power.