Cody Townsend intros new Salomon ski: El Dictator

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 18, 2010 4:41 pm

Definitely my kind of ski.  Tip rocker, flat square tail, stiff wood core — all the characteristics that point to a super fast, stable ski through the crud and pow, but maneuverable in tight situations.  Cody Townsend and Kaj Zackrisson designed the ski with Salomon and El Dictator looks like a serious keeper.  A little wider under foot than the Volkl Gotama, but not too wide, because as Townsend says on his blog:

We wanted 114 underfoot because we estimated that 114 is a great width to still sink the skis when landing big airs but still staying afloat while ripping turns. When you get past the 120 underfoot range landings become a bit harder and more jolting because the skis don’t sink into the snow and utilize the cushion of the snow to soften your landing.

You can read Townsend’s entire breakdown here.  El Dictator, we are most pleased to meet you!

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