Expect great conditions in Lake Tahoe this week, also great threat of avalanches

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 18, 2010 4:55 pm

With the week full of storms in California raging on (actually the skies are clear as I’m writing this…but I think it’s just the eye), the snow conditions in the Lake Tahoe ski areas are expected to be the best of the year, according to Steve Kaagan, assistant manager of Tahoe Dave’s Ski and Boards at Squaw Valley. Steve also warns that the threat of avalanches increases significantly. He said, “We had a lot of on-mountain slides last year, and a couple people lost their lives, it was pretty sad, I mean that was right in-bounds at Squaw Valley.”

This storm could leave 10 feet of snow by the end of the week. Steve said the storm that took the skiers lives last week was similar to this one. Just a friendly reminder to take an avalanche awareness class and always bring a tracking device and shovel with you if you plan on heading into the backcountry.