Ski homeowner Roger Federer almost stumbles, moves on in Australian Open, Serena Williams too

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 19, 2010 7:42 am

We love Roger Federer and Serena Williams both. They’re champions of their sport, and they’re both avid skiers. Roger owns a fabulous ski home in the resort town of Valbella, which is part of the Lenzerheide-Valbella ski resort area. Serena too has been seen recently on the slopes, with Lindsey Vonn no less. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Both Federer and Williams have advanced in the Australian Open, though with Federer, it wasn’t the easy victory we’ve come to expect from him in the first round. He lost the first game, and had to amp up his uncharacteristically sub-par play to regain the lead. “Tough match,” Federer admitted. “He’s [opponent Igor Andreev) got incredible acceleration on his shots, obviously, especially his forehand. He’s very physical and intense, so I was happy with the start I got today. I was up a break and actually feeling well, and then there was a quick swing around and he was able to get the first set. That was tough, but I reacted, and I think I played a very good match from start to finish really. A few hiccups, but I think those are more due to his good play.”

Other than complaining about the amount of money she had to pay in her fine, Serena Williams had no complaints during her first round victory. She was fined $92,000 for her outburst against an official a few months ago. While she believes the fine was a bit steep, she’s made the most of it: “Ninety-two thousand dollars is a lot of money to fine someone,” she said. “I always said what I did wasn’t right, but I turned that around and I’m actually raising $92,000 to educate ladies, women, also for my school in Africa.”

See, here’s Lindsey and Serena: