GoPro Tom Wallisch edit at Breckenridge filmed by Abe Kislevitz

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 20, 2010 12:03 pm


USC ski/snowboard team president, Abe Kislevitz recently came out with a new GoPro edit of Tom Wallisch. GoPro seems to be ahead of the game with their hamster sized cameras in HD that can be tossed, juggled, and sent off anything you send while taking a great shot.

Abe has made waves in ski film and editing, as an engineer by trade, designing the perfect ski pole mount to capture skier’s while hitting the kicker simultaneously. This week A

be has been working on a three camera pole mount as well as a mount that allows for 3D footage by taking the same footage from two angles on one pole mount.

Abe is a recent college graduate and is living in Mammoth this season filming the USC team as well as working for GoPro. He has the entire team stocked with GoPro cameras to keep their weekly edits going and is looking forward to more travels with the company (follow the  USC Ski link above to watch their edits).

Abe also designs for 4Frnt skis and plans on hitting the SIA conference in Denver next weekend. We can only hope GoPro will send him on a few missions while he is down there! He plans to hit the conference and then to the X-games with a few of the USC ski/snowboard team members before they hit the slopes in Vail. It should make for a great trip none the less but after this edit we look forward to more…in HD.

Stay tuned for more great edits to come.

Article by Jenna Hannon.