Meet the first team of people to ski all 30 countries in Europe to raise awareness about climate change

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 20, 2010 5:49 am

                                           The Carving Europe Project to be the first team to ski all 30 countries in Europe

Through the Carving Europe expedition planned for February 2011, the Across the Atlas team and its key partners and sponsors aim to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the mountains. Our intent is to inspire action through a breakthrough adventure never before attempted. By engaging and involving the public, we can help preserve the mountains for future generations of skiers and boarders. Traveling over 9,000 miles using low carbon emission transport such as trains, buses, and revolutionary, eco-friendly vehicles, the ATA team will ski more than 75,000 vertical feet of mountain visiting 30 ski resorts in Europe. Our goal is to highlight the effects of climate change on snow conditions in the mountains, and document the steps the ski industry and snowsport enthusiasts are taking or should take to reverse this trend.

Meet the Team:
Rick – frustrated ex BMW test driver. Wants to go back to the Autobahn and let the wheels roll. He’s also a sommelier. What a combo!

Jane – the supermodel. She sees the adventure as the perfect opportunity to get some publicity. Can’t care less about the future of
the mountains.

Jessie – the photographer from New York and the idealist on a better environmental world. Sorry Jessie, Eastern Europe is not what the
postcards show

Pietro – the banker. Killing dreams is the biggest violence we can do to ourselves.

9,000 miles of roads, many unpaved and unwelcoming
75,000 vertical feet of skiing, in unpredictable conditions and state of mind
29 different languages, sketchy translators, the Babel Syndrome
11 critical yet hard-to-secure entry visas
24 passport-controlled checkpoints patrolled by armed guards
And immeasurable stress, strain and physical fatigue inherent in such
a mad dash to history”