Republican Scott Brown kills the dreams of ‘ski bums’ after capturing Senate seat

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 20, 2010 10:55 am

In a stunning upset that has since reshaped the U.S. political landscape, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown took the victory in Tuesday’s special election for the previously vacant Senate seat held by liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy.

Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley, the state attorney general.

Massachusetts voters faced brutal winter conditions for an election with increasingly higher stakes including the topic of health care reform.

Brown’s shocking victory instantly swoops away from Democrats the 60-seat Senate super-majority, needed to overcome possible filibusters against future Senate action on a broad range of top White House issues. Senate Democrats needed all 60 votes in their caucus to pass a health care bill, and the loss of just one seat now jeopardizes generating that support again for a compromise measure worked out with the House.

The victory has important implications within not just the political world, but the ski world. It has been discussed in many circles that if faced with the prospect of universal health care one day, the amount of people engaging in the “ski bum” lifestyle would sky-rocket. While it’s doable to get by off the limited funds of a mountain job, and ski with the complimentary season pass, ski bums are often eventually forced into the corporate world by the lure of important benefits such as health insurance.

The idea of skiing or boarding around without proper insurance is a risk that can easily begin to weigh on even the gnarliest of ski bums. The fear of bankrupting oneself after one false move on a ski run, is a lot to worry about.

Now, facing the chance to not only afford quality health care, but to rely on a government-backed program, ski bums were literally licking their lips about this dream life. Ski bums were fantasizing at the thought of finally being able to huck that 80-footer, especially since they know they would be covered in the event of an accident. But no, Brown and the GOP have since taken this idea and returned it to being nothing more then a dream.