How Clif Bar shows skiers to fight climate change

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 21, 2010 4:34 pm

CLIF® BAR Launches Nation’s First Guide for Green Winter Travel to Ski Resorts Unique Website Helps Skiers and
                                                                 Snowboarders Find Local Info on Ski Buses and Shared Rides

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 20, 2010—To help fight global warming and preserve winter playgrounds, CLIF® BAR has developed the nation’s first guide for “green travel” to and from ski resorts. CLIF BAR’s new Save Our Snow (SOS) website, , helps skiers and snowboarders find local ski bus services, arrange ridesharing and learn winter driving tips to reduce their carbon emissions.

The new SOS website is part of CLIF BAR’s ongoing Save Our Snow program, which includes a free iPhone App that enables winter enthusiasts to learn what North America ski resorts are doing to combat global warming. The iPhone App also provides skiers and riders with up-to-the-minute snow conditions (download the free app from your iPhone, or iTouch App Store).

CLIF BAR, the leading organic-certified energy bar, provides great-tasting nutrition for sustained energy to skiers and snowboarders. CLIF BARs are made by athletes, many of whom themselves are winter sports enthusiasts. “Global warming is the most significant threat facing winter sports,” said Ricardo Balazs, sports marketing experience manager for Clif Bar & Company. “We want to help skiers and riders rethink how they reach the summit. We all can drive less, have more fun and help save the planet.”

Transportation accounts for nearly 30 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gases—the leading cause of global warming—according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Winter enthusiasts alone make more than 57 million visits to U.S. ski resorts each season, reports the National Ski Areas Association. Taking a bus, says the U.S. Department of Energy, creates just half a pound of CO2 per passenger mile, compared with 590 pounds per passenger mile for the average car.
To locate a ski bus this winter, skiers and riders can simply enter their zip code on . They’ll see information about the nearest ski bus, the resort(s) it serves and a map directing them to the bus departure site.

The ski bus search tool has information on 35 ski bus companies serving more than 50 resorts in 12 states. The list includes shuttles from CLIF BAR, which is partnering with Greasebus to operate the nation’s most eco-friendly ski bus services this winter in three cities. Each Greasebus is fueled by waste vegetable oil from local restaurants:

Portland, OR: Runs daily throughout this winter season between Portland and Mount Hood Meadows ski resort. Debuted last winter as the nation’s first ski bus fueled by vegetable oil.

Vancouver, BC: Will serve Grouse Mountain in February during the Olympics, providing eco-conscious transport for area skiers, riders and Olympic spectators.

Seattle, WA: The Vancouver Greasebus will move to Seattle in March, offering shuttle service to and from Summit-at-Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass.

In partnership with Zimride,   also helps winter enthusiasts find or offer car rides to others heading to ski resorts. Ride sharing helps reduce traffic and thus the overall climate impact of vehicles.

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